Pain Management

South Atlanta Neurology and Spine Clinic (SANSC) offers unique comprehensive pain management and treatment for the southern region of metro Atlanta.    SANSC provides MRI, electrophysiological testing (EMG), and Fluoroscopy machine (C-arm) guided pain services to patients on site.  Dr. Choi is board certified in Neurology, Pain Medicine, and Neuroimaging disciplines.  Combination of these capabilities and multi-disciplined expertise in one facility makes SANSC uniquely qualified to provide excellent clinical management of variety of pain conditions.

Proper evaluation of pain conditions can be complex and challenging.  Some of these conditions can escalate to catastrophic consequences if untreated or misdiagnosed.  Most frequent and significant potential complications are Neurological.  A Neurologist (more so than Anesthesiologist or Physical Medicine specialist) is specially trained to diagnose and treat Neurological conditions.   Unlikely most of pain clinics, at SANSC patients undergo comprehensive Neurological evaluation by Dr. Choi who is board certified Neurologist with additional qualifications in electrophysiology (EMG), Neuroimaging (MRI) and Pain Medicine.

Availability of MRI at SANSC allows for prompt and accurate diagnosis of critical conditions.  Immediate access to MRI is significant in instances such as spinal cord compression, which can lead to quadriplegia (paralysis of all limbs) if not diagnosed and treated urgently.  On numerous occasions, prompt MRI exam after evaluation by Dr. Choi, resulted in urgent surgical consultations and decompression of spinal cord with good outcome.  On the other hand, in other cases, unnecessary surgical interventions have been avoided because of extensive experience and knowledge of Dr. Choi who incorporates expertise’s in Neuroimaging, Neurology and Electrophysiological disciplines.

SANSC provides a variety of pain management treatment options, ranging from simple trigger point injections to complex Fluoroscopy-guided spine procedures. Treatments are offered by a “step-up” approach, where the least invasive treatments are offered before escalating to more advanced and invasive treatments. On some occasions, less invasive procedures such as acupuncture, offer more effective and satisfactory results than more invasive, complex procedures.  Frequently attending pain-related medical conferences and workshops, Dr. Choi is always updating and refining his skills to ensure that SANSC offers the best and most updated treatments to his patients.

Pain procedures & treatments available at SANSC include:

  • Trigger Point Injection
  • Tendon Injection
  • Joint Injection
  • Nerve Block Injection
  • Acupuncture treatment
  • Botox Injection
  • TENS
  • Pain Medication management

Invasive Spine Pain Management Procedures (using Fluoroscopy guidance):

  • Lumbar (Low Back): Epidural Steroid injection, Nerve Root Block, Facet Block, Facet Radiofrequency (RF) Neurolysis, Sympathetic Block.
  • Thoracic (Mid Back):  Epidural Steroid injection, Nerve Root Block, Facet Block, Facet Radiofrequency (RF) Neurolysis.
  • Cervical (Neck): Epidural Steroid injection, Nerve Root Block, Facet Blocks, Facet Radiofrequency (RF) Neurolysis, Sympathetic Block.
  • Third Occipital Nerve Block, Third Occipital Nerve Radiofrequency (RF) Neurolysis
  • Caudal Epidural Steroid Injection
  • Sacro-Coccygeal Joint Injection
  • Sacroiliac Joint injection
  • Sacroiliac Joint Radiofrequency (RF) Neurolysis

Information on Spine Injection Treatments