Acupuncture treatments at SANSC

Dr. Choi
Acupuncture Treatments At South Atlanta Neurology & Pain Care

Acupuncture treatment has been a part of the main stream health care modality for thousands of years in Asia.   Oriental Herbal and Acupuncture treatment have been the sole method of health care in Asia before the introduction of western medicine.   Most of Oriental Herbal medicine has its theoretical roots in Acupuncture systems.  Although originated in China, further technical development and research of Acupuncture techniques have been advanced by European physician acupuncturists in recent decades.  A high percentage of Physicians in Europe incorporates Acupuncture treatments into their practices.   In the United States, Acupuncture has grown in acceptance among the main stream Medical community.  Increasing numbers of US physicians have been trained and have been practicing acupuncture treatments recently.   As a result, many US patients have benefited from Acupuncture treatment via holistic approaches.

At SANSC, patients can receive Acupuncture treatments primarily related to Neurological and Pain conditions, such as low back pain, neck pain, headache or post-herpetic neuralgia; other conditions are also considered.   Successful smoke cessations have been achieved on motivated patients.   Sinusitis or hay fever has been alleviated by acupuncture treatments.  Dr. Choi has been practicing Acupuncture treatments for past 15 years.  Combined with his knowledge and expertise in Neurology and Pain medicine, he has successfully treated many patients with Acupuncture treatments resulting in satisfactory outcomes.

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