Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Choi has been my neurologist since 2006. I can say without hesitation that Dr. Choi is an excellent practitioner. He has always had a kind word and has met my needs. During the time I have been one of his patients, I had on occasion been hospitalized. I was surprised to see Dr. Choi at my bedside. My being hospitalized had nothing to do with neurology. Nevertheless, Dr. Choi came by, we visited, and he looked over my chart . My office visits have always been productive and pleasant. I recommend Dr. Choi and his office staff to ANYONE!”
– Robert Kerr
“Having suffered from a pinch nerve over ten years ago, I have to say Dr. Choi is one of the best when it comes to managing the pain. From the first visit to the last, he was professional, courteous and a wealth of information. While many people think nerve pain is healed with one or two visit, that’s simply not the case and I would recommend him to anyone needing help. He is well educated when it comes to nerve damage and his process worked for me. Highly recommended!”
– Christopher Stamper
“I met Dr. Choi in 1998 while experiencing an unusual progressive paralysis. He was the 5th neurologist I had seen and was able to diagnose a rare condition the others could not. He started immediate treatment and brought me back to full recovery. I saw him again recently after waking with difficulty speaking. He was thorough, listened carefully, and was patient with my questions. He went right to work with testing, had a diagnosis within days and got me on the appropriate medication. In my opinion you won’t find a more methodical, conscientious physician.”
– Dennis McDonald
“I have been seeing Dr. Choi since 2008. Dr. Choi is an extremely knowledgeable physician with excellent credentials!!! I have seen him for pain management and acupuncture. Dr. Choi has helped me 100%, I don’t know what I would do without him! I have recommended him to several friends and I highly recommend him for anyone seeking a Neurologist!”
– Iris Ivester
“I have had Cluster Migraine headaches for over 40 years. I have tried various drugs, treatments, acupuncture, and homeopathic methods over the years. Dr. Choi was incredibly helpful and persistent in helping me find relief. Instead of simply treating the pain, he looks for the cause of the pain in order to provide long term relief. If you are simply chasing pain pills from one Doctor to another without looking for a causal relation with your pain, and not willing to follow Dr. Choi’s directions and instructions, you will probably not get the results you are hoping for. After years of pain, I am moving towards feeling normal and thanking Dr. Choi for sticking with me and believing me that the pain is real and trying everything possible to relieve it.”
– Helen Mouat
“After living with pain for almost 40 years and having doctors tell my husband it was all in His head I was very pleased with Dr. Choi. John went because He was starting to have tremors in his hands. After doing an MRI Dr. Choi warned him not to fall or hit himself on anything. John had many herniated disks putting pressure on his spine and could very easily become paralyzed. The surgeon was not going to see him for 2 months. Dr. Choi made a phone call and got him right in. I am very pleased with my treatment and thankful to God that I was sent to a doctor that could and did help me. Thank you Dr. Choi and staff.”
– Bernadine & John Bevis
“I have read recent reviews that say some derogatory things about Dr. Choi.I hope that those of you considering a neurologist will pay no attention as he is by far and away the best neurologist in the area (if not the state). I had written an earlier review but felt I should add onto my other one. Here is what I said about a year ago:
I was injured on my job about 20 years ago; I endured 10 years of constant pain and countless visits to medical practitioners, (M. D.s as well as alternative providers). Not knowing what else to do, I opted for cervical fusion surgery. It helped to alleviate some of my problems, but not all, and even after recuperating I still experienced pain. At a loss as to where to turn next my PCP referred me to Dr. Choi. I can honestly say that meeting him changed my life for the better. An unassuming, highly trained professional, Dr. Choi wasted no time in setting about trying to make me better. He even mentioned that it was too bad he had not seen me before I had the neck surgery, he would have made other suggestions. He also explained why after major surgery I was still experiencing pain. In fact, Dr. Choi explains everything and in that way he is educating his patients in the procedures he does and reasons behind the causes. He set up a series of treatments that began with acupuncture (I was surprised a medical doctor performed that alternative procedure, but he does). He combined treatments like acupuncture with different combinations of medication as well as additional medical supplies to use at home (in my case, a traction unit and cervical collar). He analyzes your problems to come up with a solution that is right for you. As long as you follow his instructions and come in for your follow-up consultations, chances are you will get better (I did!). Dr. Choi also has an MRI machine in his office, something I find very convenient for people whose conditions (like mine) requires periodic MRIs. You can’t go wrong with Dr. Choi! There may be other good neurologists out there but none who pay attention to detail the way he does. He also has a very friendly office and nursing staff. I highly recommend Dr. Choi!”
– Arden Williams
“Referred to Dr. Choi by my internist in 2014, I have been extremely pleased with the service he has provided to me. During my first visit, he showed personal interest in making sure he understood my condition and history. Over several weeks he administered additional tests and prescribed a change of medicine based on the most current medical research. He keeps current with changing medical knowledge and applies it carefully to the needs of his patients. Further, he seeks to inform me and asks if I have any questions for him to address. Additionally, several years ago my dad saw Dr. Choi, finding him to be both knowledgeable and attentive to his needs.”
– Gary Burnham
“I have been a patient of Dr. Choi’s for about 4 years now. I have not had a better Pain Management doctor in the last 18 plus years. He is so good that I had to refer my Mom to him and she is just as satisfied as I am with the quality of service. His office staff is also exceptional. The ladies in the front office are very warm and welcoming. They always do whatever is necessary to assist me as a patient. The nurses in the back are very skilled and also inviting. I have been seen by each of them at some point and never felt more comfortable at a doctor’s office. It is a pleasure every visit. Keep up the good work!”
– Mitchell Jones
“Because of my memory loss and neuropathy, I am a patient of Dr. Brice Choi. He is a very intellegent, and serious doctor, he is a wonderful caring one to his patients. He doesn’t hesitae to do testing and studies- he “tells it like it is.” My two daughters who are very protective of me were concerned about my problems until I visited Dr. Choi. After meeting and talking to him, they are at peace and very thankful that I am a patient of Dr. Choi… and so am I!!!”  
– Ruth Ramion
“Dr. Choi has taken very good care of my husband. He has very short term memory, dementia a problem of falling and sleeping approximately 16 hours a day. Dr. Choi has dealt with this for quite some time, even years. Without his knowledge,support, and dedication, I’m not sure my husband would be doing as well as he is.”  
– Alice & John Galligan
“Doctor Brice Choi is an outstanding physician in every sense of the word. I came to Dr. Choi with a sleep issue that had bothered me for a number of years and was getting worse with each passing day. I had been to other Doctors who performed a quick exam and prescribed sleeping aids that did nothing to improve my situation. On my first visit, Doctor Choi listened to my description of symptoms and followed up with a number of questions that demonstrated his in-depth knowledge in this field of medicine. After the examination he gave me a brief summary of his initial assessment, but said that he needed more information to make a full diagnosis. At his direction I completed a few test and x-rays and returned for a second visit. On the second visit he fully focused on the data at hand and he came to a final diagnosis. He explained my illness in detail, to include the fact that the cause was not yet fully understood by medical science. As such, there was a diversity of treatments that had proved useful. We then worked together to find the best solution for me. Almost immediately, I began sleeping more. Now six months later I have near normal sleep patterns. Doctor Choi produced these results using his exceptional skill to diagnose the illness, develop treatments and expertly maximize the one that worked best for me. If you are looking for a Doctor to hand out pain meds or rubber stamp a disability claim when the case does not present the appropriate justification then he is not your guy. But if you are looking for a skilled professional who brings his best effort to work every day, he’s your man.”
– Gladwyn Bowlin
” Dr. Choi is a brilliant doctor who diagnoses problems, and then uses his knowledge to address and treat issues as needed. I am extremely satisfied with his work. The office is always busy, but that is a good sign – this is a doctor who is in demand because he is very skilled to treat pain and neurological issues. My overall health has improved much more quickly than I thought possible under his management. I highly recommend him and his staff.”
– Heather Henry
“Dr. Brice Choi is a very knowledgeable doctor whom we trust and recommend to anyone. He listens and gives good advice as to what he thinks will help your own personal problems. We have used him now for several years and he has helped with several different problems. I highly recommend him to anyone who is suffering severe chronic pain and feel they are at a loss for help. His staff are all very kind and caring from the front desk all the way to the back. I am grateful two of my doctors have suggested I go to Dr. Brice Choi for help.”
– Becky Klein